Clergy financial advice

Our advisers understand the financial circumstances of the clergy and are experienced in finding solutions to meet the financial planning problems you face.

We are particularly experienced in areas such as the church pension schemes and the difficulties that are faced when dealing with mortgage lenders when owning a property. Being an independent financial advisory firm means not being limited in the range of products or providers we can advise about or recommend to help meet our client’s needs and this is vital to the advice we give.

Clergy retirement planning services

EFAS advisers are qualified to provide advice on all types of pensions and retirement contracts and recommend solutions from across the whole of the market. We can help you make additional savings during your working life and help you understand and navigate the options available as you make the transition into retirement. Helping you make the right decisions and recommending suitable solutions to meet your needs is at the core of our advice service.

Some of the common areas of advice that we deal with when looking at clergy pension and retirement planning options are as follows:

  • Making the most of additional voluntary contributions through employer-provided schemes
  • Consolidating pension plans from several providers to one
  • Suggesting other ways to achieve your retirement plans
  • Advice on your retirement options from the Church of England schemes
  • The most suitable way to access benefits from any pension schemes you might have to help meet your retirement needs.

As retirement planning can be complex we review our client’s position in detail to ensure that all recommendations are appropriate in meeting any needs that you may have.

Clergy mortgage advice

Our experienced, award-winning mortgage team has an in-depth knowledge of mortgage lenders and those that are the most suitable to meet all of the various clergy needs. This saves you the time and trouble of finding someone who understands your circumstances and stops you from having to explain terms like tied accommodation and stipend.

We research a huge range of mainstream and specialist mortgage lenders and their product range to find the best one for you. Our advisers will be able to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the entire process – from application to completion – to make it as quick and easy as possible.

Ethical investments

EFAS can advise our clients on a wide range of investment options but a lot of our clients request for their money to be invested ethically. Ethical and socially responsible investment means investing in line with ethical principles and/or following a number of environmental and social governance factors and using these to filter the selection of investments options.

We can help investors at any stage to meet their ethical investing needs, and our advisors can talk you through a number of options depending on your saving targets and lifestyle. Some of the common areas we help clients with are:

  • Explaining the types of investments available, such as cash, equities, bonds and property
  • Seeking profitable returns
  • Working out how to make the most of tax efficient investments.

It is important that our advisors work out the level of investment risk you are comfortable with and discuss your capacity for loss (how much you can afford to lose) when making our recommendations.

Please remember that investments can fall as well as rise in value and you may not get back the amount originally invested. Your capital is at risk when you make investments but our advisors can talk you through this and answer any questions that you may have.

Ben was knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and, most importantly, took time to explain clearly to a financial simpleton like myself what was what when it came to getting a mortgage for the first time. He replied promptly to calls and emails, and had clearly done his homework on the best deals for us.

EFAS customer

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