Our fundraising support resources for your church during COVID-19

While everyday life is disrupted with churches not running as usual, fundraising is becoming ever more important. We want to offer practical support and guidance to help you during this uniquely challenging time. To help you manage your fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, we have developed some support resources in collaboration with fundraising specialists, Philanthropy Company.
Initially these resources will focus on keeping your fundraising going during COVID-19 and guidance on applying for grants. Further fundraising resources will be added to this website over the weeks ahead. 
The following resources will provide you and your church with fundraising tools that can assist your church and its community during these uncertain times:

Top tips for fundraising by churches

Key steps and suggestions for you and your church to take for successful fundraising.

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Watch our webinar offering further practical tips, support and guidance. Delivered by Caroline Underwood, a fundraising specialist and CEO of Philanthropy Company, this webinar will provide top tips on the different ways that you and your church can raise funds.    

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List of emergency grant funders

A collated list of funders that support churches and are currently offering emergency grants during COVID-19. Use our search function to find potential grants for your church.

Researching possible donors and funders

Research into possible donors and funders is at the core of successful fundraising. We have developed some useful tips for you and your church to consider when looking for funders.

Checklist for grant applications

After researching possible funders and grants for your church, use this checklist to identify some key elements to consider before making an application. 

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Case for support guidance for churches

Regardless of which funder or donor you approach, you will need to have a clear and compelling case for support. We have developed some useful tips to help you and your church when writing this important document.

Outputs and outcomes guidance

These words (outputs and outcomes) appear frequently in the world of fundraising and are key to writing clear funding applications. Our tips will help you and your church to understand the difference.

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To find out more or for further support from our Church Insurance Consultants, contact our dedicated fundraising helpline or request a call back on:

0345 601 9959

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