Welcome to the fundraising hub

A practical hub to help your church grow its fundraising.

We all know that fundraising can be a challenge, often falling to busy volunteers and clergy with other priorities. These fundraising resources have been developed to provide your church with clear guidance and steps to take to make the fundraising journey easier and more successful.

No two fundraising campaigns are the same and fundraising differs from church to church. As a result, we have designed the principles and tools on this hub so that they can be applied across a variety of fundraising types.

This hub is organised into four steps. Each step contains information, guidance and practical tools to support fundraising by your church.

Step 1 - Where to start?

Key steps and suggestions for you and your church to take for successful fundraising.

Getting started

Step 2 - Researching donors

Research into possible donors and funders is at the core of successful fundraising. We have developed some useful tips for you and your church to consider when looking for funders.

Start your research

Step 3 - Making the ask

Regardless of which funders or donors you approach, you will need to have clear and compelling case for support. We have developed some useful tips for you and your church when writing this important document.

Make the ask

Step 4 - Saying thank you

These words (outputs and outcomes) appear frequently in the world of fundraising and are key to writing clear fundraising applications. Our tips will help you and your church to understand the difference.

Read our tips

Quick start guide

Use our guide to find the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

See our guide

Key factors for successful fundraising

Use our simple checklist with helpful items for you to consider when planning fundraising.

See our checklist

Want to find out more?

To find out more or for further support, contact our dedicated fundraising helpline or request a call back:

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