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In association with experts in their fields, Ecclesiastical brings you a series of webinar recordings and guidance to help you gain a competitive advantage. Practical in nature, you can make simple yet effective changes to achieve business growth.

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More sales. Make it happen.

See the latest Andy Bounds webinar recording to learn about winning more business by changing your habits and style.

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Effective communication – unlock the business outcomes you want

In this latest webinar recording, Andy Bounds delivers the best practice advice how to take commercial conversations to the next level of effective engagement.

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The easiest way to fill your pipeline and share it with others to help you convert leads

Andy Bounds explains how to generate referrals and develop that magical momentum for lasting lead generation. He also highlights the benefit of sharing this pipeline with others to help you convert the leads.

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Sales Training by Andy Bounds who gives simple and practical tips and techniques

Andy Bounds is valued by the broker audience as a Sales Expert giving useful tips on how to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition.

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POLICY sales process

Watch our three-part webinar and improve your sales results. Understand POLICY’s principles, adopt the mindset, learn the skills and know when to deploy it.

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Coaching - the best investment to grow your business

Your business is only as good as your people. Find out how coaching can help you to grow your business with Bullpen Consultancy.

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Practical actions towards Net Zero

Alex Forrest from Eunomia, environmental consultancy, talks about short, medium and long-term actions you and your organisation can take, to decarbonise and move towards Net Zero targets.

Watch the practical actions webinar recording

Become carbon literate to become Net Zero

Eunomia, environmental consultancy, clarifies what is expected from businesses in the UK in order to be ready for Net Zero target and the role you and your business can play in the climate agenda.

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The power of LinkedIn for lead generation

Watch this masterclass from Factor 3, expert agency, on how to unlock the potential of LinkedIn for leads that could drive sales for your business.

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Can work be good for mental health and wellbeing?

Reduce the work-related stress by looking at the latest webinar from Steve Heath from Mental Health in Business.

Watch the work-related stress webinar recording

Dealing with regulation is one of the top 3 causes of stress in the workplace

Learn about the impact of mental ill health and how to identify the barriers to social inclusion, support and access to the right care.

Watch the dealing with regulation webinar recording

Brokers still stressed despite positive progress

Mental Health in Business can help you manage mental health for yourself, your clients and colleagues.

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The FCA’s Consumer Duty in practice

Discover the principles, actions and best practice examples that make up the new FCA Consumer Duty.

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The FCA’s Consumer Duty

Understand the principles, unpack the actions and establish the outcomes.

Watch the webinar recording: Consumer Duty – what do you need to do?

Regulation and compliance

RWA Consulting shows you how FCA guidance could help you upskill and develop your people and grow your business.

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Consumer Duty – leveraging compliance for commercial success

Using real-world examples, experts from UKGI will take you through how brokers are capitalising on the change to drive business growth and continuous improvement.

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