Mechanical and electrical equipment and machinery in your church

We offer some additional covers and an inspection service to our church customers so you can ensure the safety and functionality of electrical and mechanical equipment and machinery. 

Engineering inspections

What are engineering inspections?

Today, organisations rely on a variety of equipment to operate effectively. Employers have a duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees and volunteers at work. Engineering inspections are a means of ensuring any equipment at your church meets the appropriate standards and is therefore safe to use. 
An inspection will identify any defects or wear that needs to be repaired, or parts that need to be replaced. An inspection of an item of plant and equipment can provide:
  • Competent and compliant inspection as required by various statutes/regulations. 
  • Periodic inspection to supplement maintenance and long-term performance of plant and machinery. 
  • Safety to employees and third parties (Health & Safety at Work).

What does an inspection entail?

We offer engineering inspections through British Engineering Insurance Services Limited. The contract for this service is between you and British Engineering Insurance Services Limited, who will be in contact with you to arrange a mutually-suitable time for the inspection. This can involve a visual examination as well as functional checks of safety systems. 
An Engineer Surveyor will check that safe working parameters are clearly marked (where applicable), check the functionality of protective devices and alarms, and ensure that European Commission declaration of conformity of equipment is available. Following an inspection, an Engineer Surveyor will provide a report of examination, identifying any defects together with any actions that are due.
To begin organising an electrical or machinery inspection, please call us in the first instance on 0345 777 3322

How inspection ties in with insurance cover

For those policies where equipment breakdown is not covered under the main policy, this cover is available if the church wants to insure the items of plant against breakdown. 
If you are unsure whether your policy provides this cover, please contact our church insurance team on 0345 777 3322

Equipment breakdown insurance

What does equipment breakdown insurance for church electrical equipment and machinery cover?

Insurance can cover church electrical equipment and machinery for:
  • costs to repair or replace electrical or mechanical equipment which break down. This includes organs, lifts, central heating and air conditioning systems and office equipment
  • breakdown of computers, whilst in your or your employees’ custody or control
  • business interruption cover for covered equipment 
  • reasonable costs for energy efficiency improvements when replacing damaged equipment/machinery
  • public relations cover for professional public relations support when equipment breakdown poses a risk to your reputation

Please be aware we cannot cover:
  • damage caused by property perils (for example fire, water damage or theft) unless otherwise covered
  • damage caused by wear and tear, gradual degradation, rust or any fault know about at the start of the period of insurance
  • damage to bulbs, fuses, batteries or any other consumable part of the equipment that requires periodic renewal unless it forms part of other insured damage
  • loss or damage caused by a computer virus
  • costs that are recoverable under a maintenance agreement warranty or guarantee
For full details of the cover provided, please read our equipment breakdown insurance policy wording. 
Speak with our team on 0345 777 3322 to organise this cover for your church.

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