Risk Tracker

Our new Risk Tracker helps independent schools to create a safer learning environment1

Over the years, we’ve gathered unique insight on the risks to independent schools. We support the rebuild and restoration of many buildings and we regularly work on the prevention and defence of injury claims.
Our Risk Tracker shows customers the impact of making risk improvements. It helps us to understand your overall risk exposure and helps independent schools address weaknesses and strive towards the continuous improvement of their learning environment. 

How the Risk Tracker works

The Risk Tracker goes beyond our initial risk survey and gives independent schools the ability to track improvements to health and safety as well as property risks. The Risk Tracker:

1. Assesses the risk

A risk management surveyor from our in-house team will assess your school and complete a risk survey with you2. Based on their observations, they provide a grade (A to E) for each type of risk your school might face factoring in both health and safety and property risks. This will highlight the areas where your school stands to improve the most.

2. Identifies a clear set of actions

We’ll provide information and clear actions on the improvements that need to be carried out, as well as some further recommendations to improve the risk grade going forward.

It can reduce the risk of loss or damage to property and injury to employees, students and other people on your premises.
3. Monitors progress and improvements

Our new report tracks the risk before and after risk improvement activity. You’ll be able to track the school’s progress against objectives and understand where you sit in relation to other independent schools in your peer group. 

Ongoing support

Education customers also have access to 'The Education Hub' to support ongoing risk management needs. Here you will find useful information ranging from staff training and health and safety advice, to easy to use forms and templates.

1 The risk tracker is available to eligible independent schools who have a current education policy with Ecclesiastical. Excludes academies and free schools, nurseries, FE colleges, universities, business schools, professional bodies and associations.

2 Based on eligibility

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