In the event of a problem, you can obtain help from any of the following helpline services. 
These are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year for all our policyholders.
Please make sure that you are able to give your policy number shown on your policy schedule. 

Public Relations (PR) Crisis & Media Assistance Helpline Service

DAS provides a dedicated PR crisis helpline and specific PR legal advice to complement cover under the Legal Expenses section if operative under your policy. NOTE: DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited have confirmed that PR legal advice received prior to discussion with them will not invalidate any insured claim.

0345 600 1861

Business assistance

In the event of an unforeseen emergency affecting your premises which causes damage or potential danger DAS will contact a suitable repairer or contractor and arrange assistance on your behalf. You are responsible for paying contractors’ fees, but if the damage is covered under your policy you will be able to submit a claim in the normal way.

0345 268 9124

Emergency glass replacement

If you suffer glass breakage, our selected specialist provider will effect a rapid repair. If you are covered, they will issue two separate invoices, an invoice for you to cover the amount of any policy excess and recoverable VAT and an invoice which is sent directly to us for the remaining costs. If the glass is not insured you will be solely responsible for the entire cost of repairs.

0345 600 0148

Tax advice (commercial)

DAS can provide advice on any tax matters affecting you, under the laws of the United Kingdom.

0345 268 9124

Eurolaw commercial legal advice

DAS can provide legal advice on any commercial legal problem affecting you, under the laws of the member countries of the European Union, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, Switzerland and Norway.

0345 268 9124


DAS can provide your employees (including any member of their immediate family who permanently live with them) with a confidential telephone counselling service, including where appropriate, onward referral to relevant voluntary and/or professional services.

0345 266 9667

DAS businesslaw

At there is an online reference to help you run your business successfully. The material is updated regularly by legal experts to help you keep your business one step ahead. You can also access interactive document builders, to help you compose commercial documents. When asked for your policy number, please insert your Ecclesiastical policy number prefixed with ‘EIG’ and the password is DAS472301

Employment manual

The DAS Employment manual provides up-to-date guidance on employment law. To view the Employment manual please visit the DAS website at