Protecting history and culture from material damage

25 July 2022

Ecclesiastical Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) team stepped in to provide support and expertise to develop a Business Continuity Plan.

Mother with two young children in museum looking at exhibits

A museum located in a 19th century listed building needed help to develop their Business Continuity Plan to minimise the impact on its critical services including several exhibition galleries and extensive collections of historical artefacts in the event of a significant disruption.

Limited Business Continuity Management experience

Whilst development of a plan had begun, there was limited Business Continuity Management experience and knowledge of what was required to finalise their plan to ensure maximum resilience. The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) team at Ecclesiastical stepped-in to provide support and expertise.

Bespoke Business Continuity Management support

An Enterprise Risk Management Consultant was able to:

  • Hold a virtual meeting with members of the Leadership Team to better understand their needs, answer questions and provide general guidance
  • Undertake a remote review of the Museum’s business continuity documentation to date identifying strengths and any areas for further development
  • Provide Business Continuity Plan and Policy templates to support the Museum in developing their approach in line with good practice.

How did this help the museum?

Through support, guidance and use of a template, the museum felt that they could confidently finalise their Business Continuity Plan. The template provided a logical framework to follow should a significant incident occur providing assurance that the museum could effectively respond, minimise disruption and keep key services running.

I can’t thank you enough for all the support and advice you have given us with our Business Continuity arrangements. We are in a much better place for all your support and I'm grateful for all the time and energy you have given to us.

Museum customer