Hiring and letting of school buildings

05 November 2021

The hiring out of school buildings can prove a useful additional income stream.

Outside of school building and playing fields

However, the use of your buildings by third parties introduces the potential for significant property damage and liability risks. These risks require careful control and management.

The type of events and the use to which the building is to be put must be carefully considered, along with the nature and profile of participants in those events. Remember that although you may have no involvement in the organisation and arrangements, members of the public are likely to think you have, simply because the event is held on your premises.

You should therefore carefully consider whether any event or let is appropriate, ensuring that you understand what it entails, the organisers’ safety arrangements and what Public Liability insurances they have put in place. Careful co-operation and co-ordination between the school and the hirers is crucial.

For further information, see our guide to hiring and letting school premises.