A guide to Legal Expenses insurance

03 March 2019

Legal Expenses Insurance is designed to help protect you for a range of unforeseen legal disputes.

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What is Legal Expenses Insurance?

Legal Expenses Insurance helps to navigate the often difficult journey through issues and costs relating to your legal position during a range of unforeseen legal disputes, on your behalf. It provides:

  • Access to professional legal representation with expertise in the area of law most relevant to your situation
  • The management of, and payment of legal costs
  • Access to legal advice on a wide range of legal issues affecting you within UK and EU law.

Ecclesiastical works closely with one of the pioneers of Legal Expenses Insurance DAS. They are responsible for managing your legal claim, costs and advice on our behalf. For most civil disputes, we will only cover you when we believe you are likely to win.

To check if you have legal expenses cover with your policy, or to discuss levels of cover and conditions, please contact our underwriters.

What does Legal Expenses Insurance cover?

  • Employment disputes
  • Legal defence for certain actions and prosecutions
  • Contract disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Property protection
  • Personal injury
  • Tax protection

What are the benefits of having Legal Expenses Insurance?

  • Access to tried and tested expert legal professionals
  • Advice on a range of legal issues affecting your business
  • A confidential claims and advice helpline available 24/71
  • Quicker, more efficient service because the legal experts used are vetted, known to us, and terms of agreement are already in place.

1 The helpline is available 24/7 in England and Wales. For those outside it is available 9am – 5pm Mon-Fri, excluding bank holidays.

Are there any important conditions of cover?

For all types of claims, there are key conditions that apply. It is important that you are aware of the following:

  • Prospects of success for civil disputes
  • Costs that DAS have not agreed to
  • Incidents before policy inception

To discuss legal expenses cover, please contact us on 0345 777 3322.

Who are DAS?

DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited has been providing protection for over 40 years. They are the largest provider of Legal Expenses Insurance and are part of a global group which gives them the size and strength to offer in-depth support, specialist terms and an impressive portfolio of products and services.

If you have a legal issue, before appointing a solicitor, or doing anything else, please make sure you speak to DAS.

We are responsible for paying your claims, which DAS manage on our behalf.

Church legal expenses

Legal advice helpline for churches:

0345 266 0029

Cathedral legal expenses

Legal advice and helpline for cathedrals:

0345 608 1252