List of emergency grant funders

16 September 2020

A collated list of funders that support churches and are currently offering emergency grants during COVID-19. Use our search function to find potential grants for your church.

This list has been assembled by researching and cross-checking multiple lists of COVID-19 emergency funds that are currently available. All funders on this list are open to churches.
The general criteria of many COVID-19 emergency funds are to support projects and programmes helping local communities that will have been hard-hit by the crisis. These funds will be especially relevant if your church is running projects supporting isolated and vulnerable people, foodbanks, or providing other kinds of support for your community.
Each entry on the list contains key information such as the funder’s interests, contact information and details of how to apply. The funder’s website is included; we recommend that you visit their website before making an application. Most funders have a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you to complete their application forms online.
If you need support when applying for grants, Ecclesiastical has developed some resources to support you and your church with fundraising tools that can assist your church and its community. You will find links to these resources on the right-hand side and at the bottom of each page.
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You can search for funding by theme by following these links, or view the full list of funders below.

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