Top tips for fundraising by churches during COVID-19

01 May 2020

Key steps and suggestions for you and your church to take to keep fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While everyday life is disrupted with churches not running as usual, fundraising is becoming even more important. These top tips have been developed to offer suggestions for you and your church to help keep your fundraising going during this challenging time.
  • Make it clear on public notices that you are continuing to fundraise! We have developed a fundraising poster that you can display inside or outside your church, or you can create your own.
  • Create the right message by making sure that you have a clear case for support that outlines why your church needs funding. View our guidance on writing a case for support.
  • Find new ways to keep your church connected with your congregation and wider network. As well as offering online worship, you can keep in touch with people using phone calls, emails, letters, and video messages such as ‘thought for the day’. Not only does this provide invaluable support to people, but it demonstrates that your church is still active and needs support.
  • Keep up communications with existing donors, this can be different from your usual ways of keeping donors informed such as a special email update, by creating a messaging group or with a phone call. You can even create a virtual social group that meets regularly – ideas include donors’ quiz nights or a book club. 
  • Encourage existing donors to be lead donors during COVID-19. Reach out to people who already give to your church to see if they can give more during this difficult time or help to encourage others to give to your church.
  • Focus on the importance of regular giving, to replace weekly giving when attending a service. The Church of England has a short animated film to help illustrate the need for regular giving. You can appeal to the congregation (and possibly the wider community) to set up standing orders for regular giving to your church. A nice touch is to create a message of thanks each week to send to people who contribute to your virtual giving plate.
  • Emphasise Gift Aid and how it is so important to include Gift Aid with a donation. Make sure that a Gift Aid declaration box is included on the digital donation forms you create for your website and for digital fundraising events.
  • Contact your local or regional church body (for example, your diocese) as they may be able to support you with your fundraising activity or developing your fundraising strategy.
  • Research online giving as there are a number of platforms that you and your church can use to raise funds and receive donations. UK Fundraising has lots of ideas to help you with online giving. Your church authority may have advice about receiving online donations and may have discounted rates in place, such as these for Anglican churches.
  • Create online or digital  events to inspire people to give. For example, you could start an online challenge event – get your community on board to come up with their own challenge events or fundraising activity. You can do a sponsored walk or host an online quiz to raise funds for your church. If you are streaming church services, think about incorporating a message about the need to support your church more than ever; and explain how people can do that by donating to your fundraising event.
  • Consider crowdfunding, it’s a great way to engage a much wider audience. Providers include Crowdfunder, Go Fund Me, and JustGiving Crowdfunding. Crowdfunder is enabling charities to run virtual video events such as comedy nights, music events, quizzes, and it has shared its tips and ideas.
  • Research possible funders, starting with our list of emergency grant funders who are accepting applications from churches. We also have some useful tips to help you organise your research.

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