Historic England

Funding in England

Registered Charity Number: 1178368


Fund name
  • Repair grants for heritage at risk
Grant size
  • Variable
Funder's interests
  • Repair and conservation of listed buildings, scheduled monuments and registered parks and gardens. Focused on some of the most significant historic sites in England, as shown on the Heritage at Risk Register. The emphasis of the grant is for buildings open for visitors.
Activities supported
  • People who own or manage individual historic sites and need to repair them or understand them better
  • Local authorities, for sites and buildings in their area
  • Organisations who want to encourage better understanding, management and conservation of the historic environment in its many and varied forms.
  • Listed buildings
  • Urgent minor repairs
  • Heritage open to visitors
Exclusions and other info
  • For Repair Grants, public places of worship are only eligible if:
    • your congregation has a moral objection to lottery funding
    • your building is ineligible for NLHF funding
    • exceptionally, you are applying for emergency works to stabilise the building
    • it is an Anglican or Roman Catholic Cathedral
  • Read full repair grants guidance
How to apply
  • They aim to give a decision within six months of receiving a complete application.