The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust

UK-wide funding

Registered Charity Number: 200198


Fund name
  • Grant programme
Grant size
  • Variable
Funder's interests
  • A wide range of charitable purposes across a broad spectrum.
Activities supported
  • UK charities or voluntary bodies, with a preference for the Warwickshire and Coventry area.
  • Arts and museums
  • Conservation and protection
  • Employment, education and training
  • Homelessness and housing
  • Leisure, recreation and youth
  • Medical
  • Offenders
  • Social welfare
  • Grants are made for both capital and revenue purposes.
Other info
  • Preference for the Warwickshire and Coventry area.
How to apply
  • Apply in writing to the Trust, enclosing the most recent annual report and accounts.
  • Meetings are four times a year, typically February, May, August, and November.