The Leathersellers Company

UK-wide funding

Registered Charity Number: 278072


Fund name
  • Small Grants Programme
Grant size
  • Up to £5,000
Funder's interests
  • Grants typically focus on tackling deprivation and social problems, but a wide range of causes are supported
Activities supported
  • UK registered charities and Charitable incorporated organisations (CIO)
  • Vulnerable people in areas of deprivation
  • Applicants must: currently be supporting vulnerable people; be working in geographical areas of high deprivation in the UK; and have an annual income under £200,000.
Exclusions and other info
  • Excludes capital restoration projects for the sole purpose of conservation/heritage; CICs.
  • Grants can be used for small projects or to cover unexpected expenses.
How to apply
  • Ten committee meetings per year. An application window will open a few weeks before each meeting and will close when 45 applications have been received.
  • Committee meetings 2024: 13 February, 12 March, 16 April, 14 May, 12 June