Making the ask

In fundraising, an ask refers to any situation where your church asks any individual, trust, foundation or business if they will support you with a donation.

Checklist for grant applications

After researching possible funders and grants for your church, use this checklist to identify some key points to consider before making an application.

See our checklist

Developing a case for support

Regardless of which funder or donor you approach, you will need to have a clear and compelling case for support. We have developed some useful tips to help you and your church when writing this important document.

Develop a case for support

Key principles for successful grant applications

Your application will need to be persuasive and show how the financial support will make a difference. Follow the five key principles to create a strong application.

Follow the five key principles

Asking individuals for donations

Although asking individuals for donations can seem daunting, there will be people in your community with the potential to make significant gifts and really transform your fundraising.

See how to ask

Online giving and digital fundraising

Digital fundraising opens up opportunities to grow your church's fundraising, by making it easier for both the congregation and wider community to support your church.

More about digital fundraising

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