Find out what a modern collector collects with Alastair Meiklejon from Doerr Dallas Valuations

Summary: The modern collector is changing. The items that we invest in are changing. The way in which we show the world what we own, is changing. From Hermès handbags to sealed unused Super Mario games and fake “day bags” to Instagram trainer collections. In this episode we talk to Alastair Meiklejon about his experience as a senior valuer in the world of modern collections.

Quote: “I think the most interesting part of the Hermès phenomenon is that people buy a Hermès bag, and within walking out of the shop, it's has pretty much doubled in value because you cannot buy them.”


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Run time: 11.19

About the guest:

Alastair Meiklejon, Senior Valuer for Doerr Dallas Valuations, has been involved in the antiques industry for over 20 years as an auctioneer and valuer. Alastair has a particularly broad knowledge with interests and passions to include the following specialities; militaria, watches, automobilia, rock and pop, posters, comic books, and musical instruments. He is also an experienced general valuer in furniture, works of art, ceramics, silverware and general contents. Together with an expertise of fashion including handbags, luggage and high end clothing.

About the host:

Sarah Willoughby, Art & Private Client Business Director at Ecclesiastical, leads the Art & Private Clients team and brings over 28 years’ experience in the high net worth sector. Sarah joined Ecclesiastical in 2016 after 16 years with Oak Underwriting where she was Deputy Managing Director and over the years has been involved in all aspects of the business bringing a wealth of high net worth expertise and knowledge.

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