Investing parish funds

With worldwide investment markets uncertain and inflation high, the need for careful stewardship of church funds has never been more critical. Our Independent Financial Advisers can help Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) to manage their investments and meet their legal duties under the Charity Commission CC14 Investment of Charitable Funds guidance.

Your church investment obligations

The PCC looks after parish funds and members are charity trustees who have to manage Church funds to maximise their potential. PCCs have to make their own decisions on Church investments and as trustees members must decide whether to take advice in investment matters, unless they have good reasons for not doing this.

Advice on church finances

For parishes with church funds of £25,000 or more our Independent Financial Advisers can advise you on Church investments and how to do the best for your Church finances. 
  • Advice on whether we can get you better returns than deposit accounts
  • Help parishes build an ethical investment approach
  • Generate income while avoiding excessive or unnecessary risk
  • Help to maximise parish income 
  • Pension workshops and surgeries for lay staff, diocesan staff and others.

Our approach to investing your church funds

As Independent Financial Advisers with an in-depth knowledge of the Church we can offer advice on the whole spectrum of potential church investments.  Plus, where appropriate, our advice takes into account the Church of England Ethical Investment Advisory Group and the Church in Wales Ethical Policy Statements and any key ethical criteria set by individual PCCs. PCC members should also refer to the Charity Commission CC14 Investment of Charitable Funds guidance.
For more information please call 0800 107 0190 quoting 'PCC Trusts' or email
Please remember that investments can fall as well as rise in value and you may not get back the amount originally invested. Your capital is at risk.
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