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2 Minute Foundation

About the charity

The 2 Minute Foundation journey started in 2007 when founder, Martin Dorey, found himself on a beach which was knee-deep in plastic waste, bottles, and fishing gear. He vowed there and then to make a difference.

Initially, he set up The Beach Clean network, a not-for-profit dedicated to putting beach cleaners in touch with organisers. In 2013 – after his hometown of Bude in Cornwall was battered by Atlantic storms which left even more waste washed up on the shores – Martin launched his online #2minutebeachclean campaign. He placed #2minutebeachclean stations – where people could borrow litter-pickers and bags and get advice on how to collect and dispose of litter – on eight Cornish beaches. There are now over a thousand of these at sites all around the UK and Ireland.

‘We know how busy people are, so we focus on helping them to spend just two minutes litter-picking each and every time they visit an outside space. It can seem a monumental task but we encourage people to remain positive, despite the scale of the problem, and to believe they can make a real difference. Every single piece of plastic that you remove from the marine environment is no longer a danger to the animals that still live there. Every item of plastic removed from your street, beach or park will help to improve it and improve the lives and businesses of people using it. Plus its great fun and good exercise – beach-cleaning gets you outside, helps to keep you healthy and fit, and feeling good.’

Sarah Shaw, Head of Fundraising & Partnerships.

How will this donation help?

The 2 Minute Foundation became a charity in October 2019 and is now led by a new CEO, Nicky Green, who has been with the organisation for over nine years. They are funded through grants, donations, sales of merchandise and profits from unique 2 Minute Stations, as well as through partnerships with businesses. 

‘We’re so grateful to Boshers Insurance and to Ecclesiastical for their support. The £2,500 donation will be used to support our Academy, of which Beach School plays a large part. As well as the environmental aspect we do see a significant impact on young people’s wellbeing.’

2 Minute Foundation was nominated by Boshers Insurance

‘The tie-up with the 2 Minute Foundation is a really nice one for us – it fits both with our core business, of holiday home insurance, and also with our own love of the sea and the beach, based as we are in Bideford on the North Devon coast. So we were delighted to help them, via Closer to you and Ecclesiastical, and we hope they continue with this vital work for decades to come.’

Mark Lavington, Boshers Insurance

‘This is a really wonderful charity – we all benefit from cleaner seas and beaches, and it’s a real pleasure for Ecclesiastical to get involved with the 2 Minute Foundation via our client, Boshers Insurance. It’s great to know that we’re working together to help marine life survive and thrive and also to maintain the beauty of our coastline.’

Jo Drayson, Strategic Account Manager for the Southwest, Ecclesiastical Insurance

Visit the charity: The 2 minute foundation