Foundations of fundraising

Having a strong plan is the foundation of fundraising. It enables you to evaluate how things went and gain insight into:

  • what went well, so you can celebrate success
  • what could have gone better, so you can learn how those mistakes can be avoided in future
  • how to progress and plan the next step of your fundraising.
Your plan should include:

Your vision

The key to a successful fundraising plan is an inspiring vision, which allows potential funders to see quickly and easily why they should support your church.

A guide to forming your vision

Forming a fundraising team

Like other types of teams, the most effective fundraising teams have clearly defined roles with people given particular responsibilities.

A guide to building your team

Fundraising planning guidance

The fundraising plan helps identify funding opportunities, organise your time, allocate tasks and make sure you meet deadlines.

Find planning guidance

Developing a case for support

Regardless of which funder or donor you approach, you will need to have a clear and compelling case for support. We have developed some useful tips to help you and your church when writing this important document.

Develop a case for support

Digital fundraising

Digital fundraising presents amazing possibilities for your church to grow its giving. To help get you started, we've answered some frequently asked questions.

Read more about digital fundraising

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