Trust130 home insurance offer

For every new home insurance policy taken out with us, we’re donating £130 to a church or cathedral of the policyholder’s choice through our Trust130 promotion1.

1Terms and conditions apply

Small donations making a big impact

Since 2017, we have donated over £430,000 to churches chosen by our customers through this promotion. We are delighted that so many churches have benefitted so far, and to help more churches take advantage of these donations we have extended the offer to run throughout 2023. To take advantage of this offer please call our team for a quote on 0800 7830 130 and quote Trust130.

These donations have already made a massive difference to churches and cathedrals across the country, and while £130 might not sound like a vast sum, these donations can make a big difference to churches large and small. Many churches have also benefitted from multiple donations as more than one member of the congregation has taken up the offer.

How churches and cathedrals have benefitted so far


Artwork restoration

Some churches are lucky enough to have artwork such as wall paintings. While these are beautiful, they can be costly to keep in a good state of repair. One church we spoke to were struggling with this exact problem, and are delighted to put their donations to good use in the restoration of these works of art.

Sound system

New sound system

Sound systems are a vital part of a church, from helping the congregation hear the readings to improving the sound of the worship. One church was happy to report that their donation will be going towards replacing their old sound system, which was in desperate need of an upgrade.


A fun day and BBQ

Many churches host family fun days, which are a great way to engage with the local community, but sometimes the costs can add up. One church was very pleased that their donation could help towards the cost of their annual fun day and funded the barbeque, which everyone enjoyed.


New church chairs

One church was delighted to be able to use their donation towards the cost of replacing their old, worn out pews with new, more comfortable chairs. The new chairs are also much easier to move out of the church for events such as holiday clubs and other events.


Structural work

Affording necessary structural work and repairs is a struggle for many churches, usually requiring applications for grants and lots of fundraising. Every penny raised is a massive help, so one church was delighted to have received a number of donations, contributing towards their expensive repairs.

Window seat

New window seat

One church noticed that an old pine bench seat in the church tower was affected with woodworm, but their fabric repair fund was already committed elsewhere. They decided to use their donation to contribute to the cost of replacing the seat, meaning it didn’t impact their other work.

Notice board

New noticeboard

Noticeboards can be a valuable communication link for a church with their local community. One church’s noticeboard had been in a state of disrepair for some time, and their donation helped towards the cost of installing a new one.


Balancing the books

The day-to-day running costs of a church can be very expensive; so many churches are making good use of their donations to help them stay on top of these costs.