Charity webinar

10 July 2020

Our charity webinar focuses on the key findings from our Charity Risk Barometer in 2019 and revisits those topics in light of what has happened since.

In June 2019 we published our Charity Risk Barometer, a summary of the major concerns in the charity sector, with the opening statement that ‘we are possibly living in the most volatile periods in modern history’. Fast forward twelve months and that has only increased in its relevance. A global pandemic has shaken the world in an unprecedented way and the charity sector is at the heart of dealing with the impact on others, while dealing with the impact itself.

Our recent webinar with Angus Roy, Charity Director, reviews the key findings from the Barometer and looks at what is still relevant through today’s lens.

We’ve pulled together information from across the sector to give you a really useful summary of the topics included:

  • funding and fundraising
  • impact and service delivery
  • staff retention
  • recruitment and stress
  • data protection
  • cyber security
  • reputational risk

Leading on from this, the webinar also covers how using an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework can help charities to take steps towards dealing with the challenges they are faced with.

Sarah Pearson, Head of ERM at Ecclesiastical, walks through:

  • what ERM is
  • how it can break down challenges into manageable chunks and prioritise these
  • make best use of the precious resources and time charities have


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Funding help and guidance

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Service delivery

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Recruitment and volunteering

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Health and wellbeing

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Data Protection and cyber security

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Reputational risk and risk management

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