Webinars presented by RWA Business Consultancy

11 April 2019

Throughout 2019, a series of webinars will be delivered about key topics in the insurance industry. These webinars will be recorded and posted on this page for you to view.

RWA Business Consultancy

Ecclesiastical is dedicated to providing brokers with timely advice on a range of legal and regulatory compliance topics. We understand the issues that affect your business and those that may impact your clients. By working with highly regarded experts, we are able to provide relevant guidance and support.

RWA is a leading business consultancy within the general insurance sector. We work with their team of specialists to provide our brokers with learning and advice to effectively manage and maintain their regulatory compliance. 


Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD

  • Presented on Thursday 21 Mar 2019 12:30 - 13:00 GMT 
  • 32 minutes duration
  • Presented by Nicola Mathias, IDD/T&C Scheme Specialist, RWA.
The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) requires all insurance distributors and their employees to have the appropriate knowledge and ability to perform their roles. This must be supported by a minimum of 15 hours’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) a year. Employees must have a minimum necessary knowledge of eight core areas. 
This webinar presents an overview of the eight core areas of the IDD and suggested areas of learning for each core area. CPD is also discussed and what can be recorded as CPD and why this is important.
For further information about the IDD, can be found in previous articles.

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