Our ceramics glossary below is filled with handy definitions of key terms you might come across in a valuation report.

Information kindly provided in association with Doerr Dallas Valuations.

Derived from the Greek word ‘Keramos’ meaning earthen vessel.

When the surface of a glaze appears to have minute cracks that are not within the body of the item, causing a random network and appearing to be ‘crazy’.

A fusible vitreous coating giving colour and an almost metallic sheen.

A thin layer of coating, that almost appears like a glass covering.

A very slight crack within the body of an item, usually very fine.

A soft colourful opaque glaze, often seen in Italian, French and Spanish pieces.

A method of applying a glaze to earthenware items by throwing a handful of salt into the kiln whilst firing, the resultant vapour reacts with the item and thus creates the glaze.