Emergency planning – parish church

05 July 2022

An emergency plan is an important feature to support recovery from a major event such as fire, flood or terrorism attack.

Many organisations suffer a serious disruption every year. An adverse event such as a fire, flood, storm or loss of IT can occur with minimal warning but affect greatly the mission and planned activities of a church.

Those churches that plan for such eventualities, identifying potential threats to the services and activities they offer, and the actions required should an adverse event occur, are much better placed to be able to resume normal activities at the earliest opportunity.

Our guidance will help you understand the key elements of an emergency plan so that you can develop your own.

This simple approach will help you:

  • Identify and understand the key threats, for example storm, flood, lightning, adverse weather, fire, theft and vandalism.
  • Develop an emergency plan to assist in the immediate aftermath of an adverse event.
  • Create an emergency box to assist with your response.
  • Review, practice and update your plan on a periodical basis.
A template plan is provided with the guidance.