Preferred suppliers

The effective management of risk involves understanding, assessing and addressing risk to make sure we achieve our objectives.
As a result of assessing the risks to which your organisation is exposed, you (possibly working in conjunction with our Risk Management specialists) will have identified relevant improvement measures necessary to address unacceptable risks. 
To help our customers avoid or mitigate the risks to which their organisations are exposed, we have partnered with market leading specialists in the development of our Preferred Supplier network.
These suppliers offer a range of risk improvement products and services to help address some of the more common risks that our customers face and that our own team of Risk Management specialists frequently identify during their site assessments.
You will need to contact the relevant supplier directly to discuss your own specific requirements and to arrange a quote. Whilst you need to organise and pay for these services directly, Ecclesiastical has negotiated preferential rates for our customers as part of this facility, so please ensure you follow the links below.

Water leak detection and prevention systems


Burst pipes and leaks cost the insurance industry over £912 million in 2015, second only to fire damage claims. However, this figure doesn’t include the cost borne by policyholders, nor account for the disruption and distress that can be caused by escape of water.
Leaksafe specialise in the supply of water leak detection and prevention systems. We work with insurers, private property owners and other organisations to minimise the risk associated with water leaks and burst pipes.
The benefits of shutting off the incoming water supply from a burst pipe are obvious, but the majority of water damage claims actually come not from ‘catastrophic’ incidents but from smaller leaks that run undetected and which soak into the fabric and structure of the building.  By the time they become evident, significant damage can have taken place. This can result in business interruption, loss of revenues and increase in excess and insurance premiums.
Leaksafe’s WaterSwitch2 is a suite of modular flexible leak detection and leak prevention systems that can protect against both catastrophic and low level leaks and are designed to protect any type of property. They are easy to install and are insurer approved.
Leaksafe survey and report service
Leaksafe will survey your property, identify risk areas, take into account any previous incidents and insurance underwriting conditions and then issue a report which includes options and costs.
Contact Leaksafe
Tel: 0344 848 0488 

Vacant property management


VPS are trusted specialists in securing, maintaining and managing vacant and occupied property across a wide range of customer and industry sectors. We provide risk management and security solutions on vacant property and construction sites, as well as ongoing occupied property maintenance including glazing, locks and doors. Our services can help achieve insurance compliance while a property is unoccupied or under construction.
Our extensive range of services provide customers with the peace of mind that their empty property is safe and secure and, most importantly, that the value of the property is retained.
Why use the VPS service?

Unique security packages for Ecclesiastical clients, designed in partnership with Ecclesiastical which provides compliance with insurers’ vacant property and security guidelines based on a number of key requirements, including:

  • Letterbox seal - build-up of mail is a vital clue the property is vacant
  • Internal and external property inspections 
  • Utility drain down and shut down 
  • Removal of all combustible materials

  • Improved risk profile
  • Access to a nationwide infrastructure of VPS service centres, allowing for exceptional speed of response
  • Tried and tested range of solutions developed at the VPS Innovations centre
With proven service quality and over 20 years of experience and expertise VPS are the market leaders in solving vacant property issues and providing cost effective solutions.

Kitchen fire suppression systems

Global Fire & Security Systems 

Commercial kitchen fires are highly destructive and the potential loss to both property and life can be disastrous. Conventional portable extinguishers and fire blankets require operatives to be present and trained, but also to put themselves at risk.
Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems offer a robust solution through a liquid wet chemical agent stored in stainless steel tanks and enclosures adjacent to the kitchen extract canopy.
Fixed pipe work and discharge nozzles are installed above each hazard appliance, behind the grease filters and into the extract ductwork.
The detection system is set well above the working temperature of the kitchen but responds rapidly in the event of a serious fire to automatically discharge the wet chemical agent from all nozzles. The system can also be manually activated. The chemical agent rapidly reacts with the heat and cooking grease to produce a foam layer starving the fire of oxygen, preventing a fire re-flash. The low pH agent remains liquid where it comes into contact with appliances that are not on fire.
The wet chemical agent can be easily and safely removed following activation, kitchens can be cleaned, and trade can continue.  In contrast, it can take 12-18 months to rebuild restaurants without fire suppression systems.
Global are Europe's largest and most experienced kitchen fire suppression installers and have a nationwide team with full UK coverage and a proven response time of 4 hours from call out.

Electrical inspections

HSB Engineering Insurance Limited

Employers and the self-employed are bound by the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (EAW), made under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to maintain all electrical systems and apparatus and to provide proof they have done so.
Landlords have further obligations under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 to ensure that goods are checked before the tenant takes them over.
Ensuring your electrical installation complies
Installations which conform to BS7671 (Requirements for Electrical Installations) are regarded by the Health & Safety Executive as likely to achieve conformity with EAW; this includes periodic inspection. BS7671 provides guidance of a maximum 3-5 year period between inspection and testing for most installations (this varies depending on the installation).
Why choose HSB?
HSB Engineering Insurance Services Ltd (HSB) is a leading specialist provider of engineering inspection services in the UK and Ireland. Their services are formally accredited by UKAS to the international standards ISO/IEC 17020. HSB offer Ecclesiastical clients preferential rates for electrical inspection services.
Inspection reports include, within agreed limitations, observations and recommendations, schedules of test results on all circuits and an assessment of the condition of the installation.
Drawing on HSB’s vast expertise, gained from over 150 years of technical risk knowledge and experience, their network of competent, technically-experienced Engineer Surveyors are ’Competent Persons’ under BS7671. Operating independently of installation and maintenance parties, they can provide impartial reports to identify electrical risks and prioritise any necessary repairs.

Safe installation


Insafe’s Private Client Service for Ecclesiastical clients means certified and guaranteed insurance approved protection.
Better Safe
Insafe is a preferred supplier to Ecclesiastical Insurance. Exclusive to customers referred by Ecclesiastical, our Private Client Service is designed to give you the very best. The best security, the best products and the best service. And the best price. Guaranteed.
All of our safes are approved by the AiS, The Association of Insurance Surveyors, a respected body of risk control experts working in the UK insurance market. Only safes that have been fully tested and certified by independent testing houses will gain an AiS certificate.
UK Delivery, Installation and 24 Hour Service
Our installation teams, equipped with specialist vehicles, cranes and equipment install all grades, sizes and weights of safe to any UK and European location, anywhere within your premises.
Rest assured, you’re safe with us.

Fine art and antique valuations


The Bonhams Valuations team carry out formal appraisals on behalf of individuals, corporations or institutions for a range of purposes, primarily insurance, but also asset management, matrimonial division and charitable donation. 
Drawing upon the experience of our global network of specialists, our valuation report provides a clearly defined record in category or value order, whilst additional information such as provenance, condition and acquisition details can be tailored to your individual requirements. 
From yachts to ski chalets, city apartments to ranches, the Bonhams team has a vast experience of both large and small scale valuations, and are able to assist whatever the complexity. We regularly carry out appraisals for some of the world’s most complex and security-conscious institutions, and are happy to liaise with insurers and brokers over the individual requirements of each valuation. 
Bonhams are also able to provide valuations for Probate, Market and Auction, and can offer advice on Tax and Cultural Heritage issues including Conditional Exemption and Gift & Lease Back. 
As a global company, with offices and salerooms in the UK, Europe, US, Hong Kong and Australia, we take great care to ensure that our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the many art markets around the world. 
Valuations are charged on a time-spent basis and for more information please call 020 7468 8340, email or visit

Doerr Valuations  

Doerr Valuations operate throughout the UK and Europe providing independent valuations for insurance and legal purposes to private clients. Our team of highly regarded and experienced valuers and specialists provide valuations for all types of art, antiques, jewellery, watches and classic cars in combination with first class levels of service.   
In addition to valuing individual items, Doerr Valuations offer either a full insurance valuation or a walk through validation report.  
The full insurance valuation is a confidential and discreet service providing a fully detailed and illustrated contents inventory of all your personal possessions and household items. Items are fully catalogued including details, sizes, values and illustrations which are all presented in a professionally bound document. Our walk through validation service is recognised by the insurance industry and consists of an informal yet detailed inspection of your home by one of our senior valuers. The appraisal is completed room by room with items categorised and valued for replacement purposes. The walkthrough lasts approximately 2 hours and you’ll receive a detailed report showing the total value by category. Any individual items over 10K (max 10) will be identified and listed separately with illustrations.
Doerr Valuations are delighted to have partnered with Ecclesiastical and as a result offer Ecclesiastical customers favourable rates. 
For more information call 01948 871635, email or visit

Gurr Johns

Established in 1914, Gurr Johns has been conducting independent specialist valuations for over a century. Gurr Johns provides values of fine art, jewellery and household contents for insurance purposes. Values can also be provided for current market, capital taxes, family division and probate purposes.
Gurr Johns’ fees are calculated according to time taken rather than by any percentage of value.
A Gurr Johns valuation is a comprehensive document which identifies items according to location and category, and provides detailed descriptions and images of every item valued.
Gurr Johns’ insurance valuations are accepted throughout the industry. They ensure accurate identification and replacement costs of any item lost or damaged, enabling the speedy settlement of any claim.
Gurr Johns’ innovative and low cost annual updating service extends the life of a valuation and ensures clients are neither over or under-insured.
The custom-designed Gurr Johns Art Collection Management System is a sophisticated software package which enables collectors and curators to easily and effectively collate and view the details of their collections, to which annual updates can be applied. 
For further information on Gurr Johns’ valuation and other services, please visit their website or telephone +44 (0)20 7839 4747. Anne-Marie Shaw, Valuations Manager, may be contacted on

Patrick Bowen Fine Art Consultants

Patrick Bowen Fine Art Consultants is an independent consultancy specialising in valuations for institutions ranging from ecclesiastical establishments to museums, schools, universities and local authorities. The consultancy also undertakes valuations for private clients. Each valuation is geared to meet the client’s specifications. 
Patrick Bowen MRICS has over 35 years’ experience in valuation work and heads a team of specialists who are highly regarded in their respective areas of expertise. All areas of fine art and antiques are covered including furniture, pictures, photographs, works of art, clocks, silver, ceramics, oriental rugs and carpets, jewellery, militaria, books, manuscripts, textiles, antiquities and ethnographica. Valuations are usually undertaken on site then fully researched. The completed typed document includes professional descriptions of each item supported by photographs and measurements. The valuation also has a frontispiece and a signed certificate of valuation. 
Valuations are charged on a time basis and Patrick Bowen is delighted to offer Ecclesiastical Insurance customers favourable rates. 
For further information or to arrange a valuation please contact Patrick Bowen on:
Tel: 01295 780 999
Mob: 07979 911 892 

Forensic property markings systems


SmartWater® offers a unique combination of a brand that is feared by criminals and revolutionary forensic technology that provides robust traceability to your valuables and assets. 

SmartWater’s forensic traceable liquid assigns your assets with their own unique forensic code, allowing them to be traced back to you and criminals back to the crime. The liquid is near invisible under normal light, but glows bright yellow/green under UV light, making it easily identifiable by the police. 

Furthermore, each application is guaranteed for a minimum of five years (even when used outdoors) and is virtually impossible to remove. Criminals hate traceability because it increases their accountability and thus the risk that they will be implicated in a crime. Because the police regularly check for SmartWater on recovered stolen property and actively raise awareness of it, SmartWater is well known and feared by criminals. With hundreds of convictions and an impressive conviction rate in court, criminals are aware of our power to place them at the crime and secure a conviction. 

Contact SmartWater on

Tel: 0333 320 7797 (Lines open 09:00 to 17:30 Monday to Thursday and 09.00am to 17:00 Friday)

Jewellery and watch valuations

Mappin & Webb

Mappin & Webb is a true British treasure with over 241 years of tradition and historical significance in the world of silver and jewellery. Since 1775 the company has been renowned for combining timeless craftsmanship with superior quality and contemporary design. Mappin & Webb's relationship with the Monarchy began in the late 19th Century and was formalised when Her Majesty Queen Victoria first granted a Royal Warrant to Mappin & Webb as silversmiths, in 1897. Mappin & Webb has held a Royal Warrant as Silversmiths to each of the five subsequent sovereigns. Today the brand holds a Royal Warrant as Jewellers, Goldsmiths and Silversmiths to Her Majesty The Queen and as Silversmiths to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.
It is important to have jewellery and watches valued regularly due to increases in the price of gemstones and precious metals, to ensure they are fully covered in the event of theft, loss or damage. Mappin & Webb are delighted to be partnered with Ecclesiastical Insurance enabling us to offer valuations solutions at favourable rates.
Jewellery and watches can be assessed in the comfort of your own home by Lynn Tones. Lynn has been a Registered Valuer since 1988 and a Fellow of the NAJ since 2014. Alternatively, valuations for up to five items can be arranged through the Mappin & Webb showrooms or sent directly to the office via our fully insured postal packages.
Please contact Mappin & Webb on 0116 282 1894 or for more information.

John C Benjamin Limited

John C Benjamin Limited is an independent jewellery consultancy providing valuations for insurance and probate purposes to the private client network in the UK and overseas.  With 45 years of experience in the retail and auction industries, John Benjamin is well-placed to assist clients of Ecclesiastical Insurance and provide a tailored valuation service on individual items or entire collections of jewellery, gems, watches and Fabergé.
Inspections invariably take place in your home or at your bank and are carried out with the utmost degree of discretion and confidentiality. No job is considered too small and visits take place throughout the U.K., Europe and overseas. A draft copy of the valuation is usually submitted for inspection and approval, subject to which two bound copies of the schedule are despatched by Recorded Delivery together with a bound set of colour photographs.
Please contact John Benjamin on +44 (0)1296 615522 or email
For more information visit

Asbestos management


What is asbestos?
Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous material which if inhaled can cause serious diseases. It can be found in any building constructed before the year 2000, including churches and may also be present in heating systems, flooring or ceiling tiles, pipe organs, organ blower boxes, roofing materials and so on. 
Why is there a legal duty to manage asbestos?
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimate that asbestos-related diseases cause more than 5,000 deaths every year in the UK.  That’s why the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 place a legal duty to manage asbestos safely on ‘dutyholders’ with the aim of preventing the risk of asbestos exposure.
Am I a dutyholder?
Persons who are owners or responsible for the maintenance or repair of non-domestic premises (including church buildings) are dutyholders under the Regulations and must manage asbestos safely.
How do I comply?

  • The dutyholder must take reasonable steps to Find out if asbestos is present and assess the risk
  • Prepare a plan that sets out how the risks will be managed
  • Provide information on the location and condition of the materials to anyone who is liable to work on or disturb them.
How can Santia help?
Santia Asbestos Management Ltd provides a fully comprehensive range of specialist services to help dutyholders manage asbestos. Our services include UKAS accredited asbestos surveys, analysis and monitoring, training, consultancy and managing asbestos removal.
You can find out more about asbestos management from the Health and Safety Executive website.

Roof alarms


Ecclesiastical has campaigned relentlessly to help reduce metal theft. We believe roof alarms provide the best deterrent to metal thieves and our own claims experience has proven this to be the case.
Benefits of a roof alarm system

  • Highly effective at deterring metal theft
  • Specifically set up to detect and deter intruders before any damage is caused
  • Designed to be virtually invisible and reversible
  • Able to cover large roof areas cost effectively
  • Perfect for buildings in remote or rural locations - if the security system is activated, a planned response based on your specific instructions is carried out.
Ecclesiastical maintains a list of approved suppliers who meet our stringent security requirements – call 0345 600 7531 for more information.

Business continuity planning

ROBUST / RISCAuthority

Research shows that those organisations that have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place are much better placed to recover from an incident that threatens its survival compared with those that don’t. We recommend that you consider preparing a BCP to assist you in recovering your business should disaster strike.
A free to download software package called ROBUST is available from RISCAuthority and is a comprehensive toolkit with all the details of how to complete the plan. It can be used in the event of a fire, flood, storm, theft, power cut, pandemic etc.
The ROBUST software is designed with logical workflow which is easily recognisable within company structures, provides feedback on quality and completeness and provides output in a format suitable for insertion into other company documentation and comes with all the necessary training to develop the plan.
Find out more about the ROBUST software package

Ecclesiastical, Business and Property Protection Portal


The RISCAuthority is an annually funded research facility supported by a significant group of UK insurers, including Ecclesiastical. It conducts research in support of the development and dissemination of best practice on the subject of property protection and organisational resilience.
The RISCAuthority have developed a ‘Business and Property Protection Portal’ on behalf of insurers, utilising big data and relevant statistical sources to support customer self risk assessment.
This Ecclesiastical, Business and Property Protection Portal is powered by RISCAuthority’s extensive insurance and geographical data toolkits and is designed to intelligently deliver guidance and advice against risks known to be statistically relevant features of the selected business or geographical location.
The portal provides customers with access to state-of-the-art targeted risk management advice reflecting both the nature of their business and its geographical location. Customers can produce tailored risk reports which can be reviewed alongside Ecclesiastical’s own Risk Management guidance material.

Crisis management, personnel safety and security for education and charity organisations

International Location Safety (ILS)

International Location Safety (ILS) specialize in the provision of tailored safety and security risk management solutions to the education and charity sectors. We do this in a number of ways including;
  • Duty of care benchmarking reviews 
  • Crisis management preparation
  • Management of overseas travel and domestic lone worker safety.  
We develop policies, procedures and tools that reduce risk to staff and deliver a range of learning programmes to better prepare staff for their roles. We provide GPS tracking of mobile devices with panic button functionality and offer a 24-hour emergency contact centre for staff and students.
Contact ILS 
Tel: 01273 833 070