Telephone masts on church roofs and premises

05 February 2018

Soaring anywhere between 30 and 100 metres, where a spire is part of the fabric, the church tower is often the tallest structure around. This makes it an ideal location for telecommunication devices and broadband transmission equipment, including aerials and phone masts.

For the church this can be a useful source of income but we recommend looking at our checklist and reading our more detailed guidance for more information.

Telephone mast and broadband transmitter checklist

  • Check if Faculty is required and any guidance you need to follow
  • In the interest of openness and transparency we suggest that the local community is made aware of the proposed installation.
  • Be aware of special considerations where there is a school or other care facility in the immediate area
  • Access for repair and maintenance must not compromise the church’s security
  • A procedure for access covering health and safety issues needs to be documented and implemented
  • Make sure the installer has adequate insurance cover in place
  • Make sure you tell us about the installation date and the telecoms provider concerned.
Your church policy (subject to regular review of sums insured and indemnity limits) should provide sufficient levels of cover to protect your interests but we strongly advise you read our full guidance and contact us prior to any installation going ahead for advice on 0345 777 3322.