Costs and services

14 May 2019

An overview of the fees and services you can expect from our EFAS financial advisers.

What to expect

Like all financial advice firms, EFAS does charge a fee for the advice that we provide. Before we provide any services to you, we will have an introductory discussion to explain who we are, how we are paid and agree how we can help you. We will also discuss your position in detail and find out more about you and your financial planning needs. The initial appointment is at our expense and at no cost to yourself. There are no upfront fees for our service, so you won't lose anything by having a chat. 
After your initial appointment, we will agree on a way forward regarding your advice needs and the fees for our advice. There are options based on hourly rates, a percentage rate or a fixed fee. We will confirm the actual rate in writing so you can make sure you are happy before we begin.

Personal financial planning services

Our experienced independent financial advisers are specialists on a range of financial matters:

  • Pensions and retirement planning
  • Saving and investing (including ethical investments)
  • Life insurance and income protection
  • Mortgage advice, including for those living in tied accommodation

Financial advice costs summary

There are no charges for your first meeting with us and all charges are agreed upfront before any commitment is made on either part.
  • The level of fee applicable to each case is dependent on the individual client circumstances and the complexity of their situation. Your adviser will discuss this with you and agree on the fee for the required work during the initial meeting. 
  • The fees and charges applicable to your circumstances are agreed at the outset and become payable on presentation of our advice. There is no obligation until the fee is agreed with you.
  • Fees for any ongoing review services are also agreed at the outset. 
Please note that minimum charges do apply and that your fee could be higher than those outlined below due to the complexity of the work involved:
  • For a retirement and pension review, the minimum fee is £1,500 
  • For investment advice, the minimum fee is £600.00
  • For mortgage advice, the minimum fee is £500.00.
These fees include all of the necessary research, advice report and implementation of the recommendations given.
Full details of our standard charges including payment options are included in our brochure ‘About Our Services and Costs
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