Architectural security – Designing out crime

09 September 2021

Security options to consider, while renovating your home.

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If you have been considering a new home build or significant renovation of your property then it is likely that you will begin to seek the expert direction of architects, planners, builders and your insurance broker. Unfortunately, it is during these construction projects it's easy to overlook or underestimate the importance of installing comprehensive security solutions. If installed during this initial renovation process, such solutions can function almost invisibly and harmonise with the proposed architectural design of the property.

Homeowners may be reluctant to consider installing these security systems due to their unsightly nature. However, it is during the early design stages of your building project where it can prove instrumental to arrange a consultation with a reputable security company. By doing so, you can successfully integrate a highly proficient security system within the fabric of your property that will complement the architectural characteristics and proposed lines of your grand design.

Areas to consider

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Gardens
  • Lighting deterrents
  • Speak to your neighbours
  • Ensuite safe rooms
  • Multiple safes.

More detail on each of the above can be found in our guide.

Please ensure you speak with your insurance broker to find out more about insurance implications when making security upgrades to your home.

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